Uber Package Special

From $299



Peace of mind car sharing experience

Record the interior view of your vehicle for a peace of mind car sharing experience. By connecting VUGERA's IR-HD cabin camera to its high-performing front dash cams (VG-703S or 803S), you'll have a holistic front and cabin surveillance to the fullest degree. This serves all taxi, Uber, DiDi and Lyft drivers including truck drivers and driver training schools well because of its capability to capture 720p high-definition, 130° wide-angle view videos of the cabin at 30 frames per second. VUGERA's IR-HD cameras comes with three infrared LED's for crystal-clear night time recording. Recorded footage may be reviewed through VUGERA's PC viewing program or any 3rd party viewing program.

VUGERA VG-803S IR-HD Uber Package

Prices from $299 for 32GB incl. Complimentary Professional Installation with 2-year Warranty (dashcam + micro SD card)

  • Full-HD Resolution 1080p at Front and Cabin IR-HD (3x IR-light) Resolution 720p

  • 32 or 64GB Samsung V-NAND High Endurance Micro SD Card with 2-yr Warranty

  • 3.5-inch Full Touch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with Guided User interface 2.0. Enjoy live-video recording and playback with a simple LCD touchscreen

  • Voice guidance ensures that the system status is reported when needed

  • Super Capacitor ensures a safe storage of recorded files upon sudden cut-off of power supply

  • Basic Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

  • Dual Save ensures that storage of normal driving and event recordings are saved separately to back-up maximum data evidence needed in case an accident occurs

  • 3rd Generation Format Free ensures stable saving of video files improving the performance of the SD card without having to frequently format it. Files are easily accessible via a PC

  • Front Security LED AND Anti-vibration Secure Mount with 3M VHB adhesive

For more information on the VUGERA VG-803S 64GB UBER package, please give us a call today!

Your Safety Matters.

Protect your vehicle at all times whether it would be,

  • while driving alone

  • while car sharing

  • while parked

  • while fueling

  • before and after an accident (autonomous recording)

Have the best protection with a reliable yet best money for value package.

THINKWARE F200 16GB Uber Package

Prices from $409 for 16GB incl. Complimentary Professional Installation with 2-year Warranty (dashcam only)

Equipped with CMOS Image Sensors, this dash cam lets you record crisp and clear full 1080p HD front and 720p HD infra red interior cabin videos be it daytime or nighttime. Even better, it sports a 140-degree front wide angle lens view that minimises blind spots across the board.

  • Designed to record footage of the driver and passenger inside the vehicle cabin

  • Ideal for Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, truck drivers and driving school instructors

  • HD 720P produces clear crisp high definition recordings

  • 125° angle captures a wide field of view

  • 2 Infrared LED's built in for vivid night time video recording

  • Mounts inside the vehicle on the front window with 3M adhesive