Super Safe & Easy dashcam installation with VUGERA POWER OBD-II


Clean install and Super Safe Operation

No need to waste time searching for B+ and ACC fuse

Concerned of Manufacturer Warranty Void?

Plug & Play Easy (no hard-wiring or modification required)

-VUGERA dashcam dedicated cable for vehicle protection with over-current cut-off circuit

-Switchable recording mode (Driving only or Driving and Parking mode)

-Built-in G-sensor for wake-up on vehicle impact even when dashcam is switched OFF

-Enters parking mode when engine ignition is switched OFF (5 mins)

-Automatic cut-off at 11.8V (overrides lower voltage cut-off settings)

-Applicable on vehicles that are equipped with a universal OBD-2 port

Emergency Wake-up Feature (when Parking Mode is switched OFF)

In the event of a severe impact detected by the OBD, VUGERA will wake-up even when the Parking Mode is selected ‘OFF’ and record for 2 mins and then switch OFF by itself

How is this possible? The OBD ECU remains alive (powered) consuming min. current in stand-by mode